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On March 4, 2008, WDCR will celebrate 50 years of broadcasting in the Upper Valley.  To commemorate such an event, the WDCR staff has planned a week-long celebration.

Notably, this includes a week of "retro" shows, as each student-run show will feature music from different time periods in WDCR's history.

Also, each day of the week-long celebration will be dedicated to a different person who played an instrumental role in the birth of WDCR:

  1. Monday - Richard "Dick" Harris '58
    1. General Manager, 1956 - 1958
    2. Prime Objective as GM was to obtain FCC license for an AM station
    3. First voice heard on WDCR on March 4, 1958 at 9:00 PM.  He stated:  "The time is 9:00 PM.  You are tuned to Dartmouth radio, WDCR, 1340 on your dial...from this moment on serving not only the Dartmouth community but the entire Upper Valley."
  2. Tuesday - John Long '58
    1. Program Director, 1957 - 1958
    2. Worked with Harris to establish and implement AM format
  3. Wednesday - Ronald "Ron" Kehoe '59
    1. General Manager, 1958 - 1959
    2. GM during WDCR's first year on the air
  4. Thursday - Jonathan "Jon" Cohen '60
    1. Program Director, 1958 - 1959
    2. Co-produced the first show broadcast on WDCR along with Al Cameron
  5. Friday - Robert "Bob" Johnson '59
    1. Technical Director, 1958 - 1959
  6. Saturday - Ariel Halpern '59
    1. Business Manager, 1958 - 1959
  7. Sunday - John Sloan Dickey
    1. President of Dartmouth College, 1945 - 1970
    2. President during the formative and early years of WDCR

To commemorate this monumental achievement, WDCR will be live at the Dartmouth Idol finals.  For those who cannot make it to the finals, WDCR will be broadcasting them live this Thursday night.  For more information, please visit our Dartmouth Idol page.

Also, we now have a 50th Anniversary photo album, which features pictures throughout the history of WDCR, as well as its predecessor, WDBS.  The pictures are separated by decade.
1940's - WDBS
1950's - WDBS
1950's - WDCR
1960's - WDCR
1970's - WDCR
1980's - WDCR
1990's - WDCR
2000's - WDCR


NOTE:  If you can add/correct any information, or if you have additional pictures/audio, please contact Pavel Sotskov, WDCR General Manager, by e-mailing


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