Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?  Life after Dartmouth for DB Students:

Chris Davidson ’76 (CBS executive) – learned how to lead a large organization, learned diplomacy in difficult situations.
Robert Hager ’60 (NBC news) – led to his news career.
Mike Henry ’98 (sales, Google) – “learned a ton from Dartmouth radio,” learned negotiating skills, got him his first job selling radio in San Francisco.
Scott McQueen ’74 (multiple station owner) – DB got him started in the business (per Broadcasting Magazine article)
Bill Moyes ’70 (station owner) – “Radio’s been very good to us Dartmouth guys!”
Randy Odeneal ’68 (radio station group owner) – “DB was a great proving ground”
Todd Piro ’00 (attorney, local newscaster) – ‘learned to talk, learned about politics.” Station was a great help in his career.
Jim Rosenfield ’52 (President, CBS-TV network) – came to Dartmouth as pre-med to please his father, but DB introduced him to broadcasting, which became his obsession. DB was “certainly important” to him.
Jeff Shapiro ’83 (station owner) – led directly to buying his first station a couple of years after graduation (which he turned into WHDQ), and then a major career in group station ownership.

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