The History of Dartmouth Broadcasting
February 1928 – Present - Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

Dartmouth Broadcasting began in 1920s with the ambitions of a few Dartmouth College students that decided to give a new technology called radio a try. The first broadcast occurred over copper wires linked in all the dorms. The station used the call letters WDBS (Dartmouth Broadcasting System). The name changed to WDCR (Dartmouth College Radio) when it became an officially licensed station of the Federal Communications Commission and its first official broadcast at 1340 AM was in 1958. Dartmouth Broadcasting began officially operating WFRD (FM Radio at Dartmouth) 99.3 FM in 1976.

Our two radio stations have always been completely managed by students. The vast majority of the on-air personnel are students, although there are some exceptions (such as the Director and operations manager: Heath Cole, current FM morning show host: Chris Garrett, Sales Staff, and Sports Broadcast Mentors in play-by-play announcing.) This is an unusual example of commercial college radio. The management of the stations is by the Directorate consisting of: The General Manager, Finance Director, AM Program Director, FM Program Director, Technical Director, Marketing/Alumni Relations, FM Promotions Director, News Director, Sports Director, Internet Director, Training and Recruitment Directors.

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